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Alpha Pro Nutrition

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When you take a good look at the pre-workout supplement category, one thing quickly becomes clear – it’s a category that’s over-flowing with products that are all pretty much the same. You have stimulant-heavy pump products that all have one thing in common – hype. Every one of these products promises to be the “next big thing”, yet once you’ve read the label, what they really are is just the same old thing in a shiny new package.

Isn’t time for a bold, new pre-workout? Isn’t it time for a pre-workout to step up to the plate and break the mold? That time has arrived – introducing VEX by Alpha Pro Nutrition!
VEX is NOT just another pump and stimulant product that’s long on hype but short on effectiveness. VEX is a cutting-edge pre-workout that will take the category to a brand new level!

Why is VEX different?

Of course, energy is the key to any great pre-workout and VEX is no exception – but that energy needs to be explosive as well as long-lasting – and not merely based on CNS stimulants. This is where VEX breaks new ground – not only does VEX offer CNS stimulants designed to provide fast acting, long-lasting, crash free energy, it also gets down to the cellular level where the energy that propels your muscles through your toughest workouts happens – the production of ATP! This is the energy system that fuels muscular contractions – the more ATP your body can produce, the better your workout will be. It may be helpful to provide a quick reminder of how the ATP system works – in this day and age of high-powered CNS stimulants, this essential energy “currency” tends to be overlooked. It’s crucial to understand that ANY muscle contraction or exertion of muscular force happens because of ATP. Three systems are responsible for the production of ATP: the ATP-PC system, the glycolytic system, and the oxidative system. ATP provides energy that is rapidly used up – think seconds, not minutes. It is therefore depleted quickly – the take home point here is that ATP must be constantly replenished if continued muscle contractions are going to take place.

VEX creates insane energy, focus and concentration – but it also breaks new ground by promoting continued ATP production to help power you through your most intense training sessions!


How does VEX do this? By featuring an exclusive combination of Glucogenic Amino Acids!

What are Glucogenic Amino Acids and How Do They Create Energy?

They are named glucogenic because they can produce glucose through the process of gluconeogenesis, which is a metabolic pathway (or, series of metabolic steps) that results in the generation of new glucose from non-carbohydrate sources. In this process, amino acids form glucose through degradation to pyruvate, which is an intermediate in the Krebs cycle, also known as the Citric acid cycle and one of the key energy systems of the body that produces ATP. The key point is that as you tire near the end of your workout, these aminos step in when your body has depleted most of its glycogen stores and can supply as much as 18% of your energy needs! Therefore, when you train, your body is able to continue to manufacture ATP – remember any muscular contraction happens because of ATP – so this means you can hit those tough reps at the end of your sets, stimulating more growth! This means you can train longer and harder – getting more out of your workout.

Here’s the thing with training and this is why VEX promotes the use of glucogenic amino acids for continued cellular energy while you work out – the physical process of training is catabolic; it depletes glycogen stores and tears down muscle tissue, not to mention the destructive catabolic hormone cortisol is released ( this hormone is released in times of mental or physical stress – such as intense workouts). The longer and harder you train, the more your stores of cellular energy are used up and you hit the wall; your workout is essentially over, whether or not you want it to be. What if you could extend your workout and hit those last, growth producing reps? You know – the reps that are the difference between a good workout and a great one? It’s because of renewed ATP production via the use of glucogenic amino acids that VEX gives you the cellular energy you need to hit those key reps and sets – and you will find that there’s no other pre-workout quite like it on the market today!