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Not all pre workout supplements are equal.. Reaktor Nutrition scoured the saturated market of pre workouts to ensure the potency of Fuse met the trends of pre workout supplement users world wide...

... People wanted 3 things in their experience- Energy, Pumps and Gains.

Reaktor Nutrition has met the needs of the people adding Citrulline Malate for pumps, Betaine Nitrate for Strength and Caffeine, Higenamine, Synephrine and Eria Jarenisis for Energy.

Reaktor Nutrition then saw an opportunity to add in Lean GBB, normally found in Fat Loss Supplements, to give the user a real "workout feel". Lean GBB is an analogue of carnitine – Lean GBB or ‘Gamma-Butyrobetaine’ has been clinically shown to increase carnitine blood serum levels – allowing for effective uptake of fats in the blood stream to enter the mitochondria of muscle cells, in essence – Lean GBB targets fat for fuel!

Reaktor Nutrition also wanted the people to have laser focus in the gym and anyone who has taken pre workout supplements for eternity would know there is no better nuero transmitter than Noopept!

Available in 30 Serves and the Delicious Bubba-Gum Flavour aka Grape Bubblegum, Reaktor Nutrition Fuse is available from November 2018.