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Player 2 Gamer is a energy and focus gaming supplement available now online in Australia.


GAMER™ is a Natural Energy Drink Formula created by Player 2™. Our original goal was to create a 100% clean, natural, and healthy alternative to sugar-loaded canned energy drinks. What we were after was an energy drink which would meet even the high standards of the most active and hectic lifestyles. In fact, our first customer was a professional eSports athlete who wanted an immediate increase in energy, focus, and endurance; without the use of toxic chemicals or additives in canned energy drinks.

How does GAMER™ work?

When we created GAMER™, we ended up cracking the code on the perfect Energy Drink. And it’s even better than we first imagined it could be. While canned Energy Drinks contain a lot of unknown chemicals, GAMER™ is clean. You know exactly what’s in it because it mixes with your very own clean water.