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Pharma Whey

PHD Nutrition

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Microfiltered WPI & Ultrafiltered WPC Blend

BCAAs and Glutamine

Added Lactase Digestive Enzyme

Gluten Free

Naturally-high levels of the amino acid Cysteine, a pre-cursor to vital nutrients.

No added sugar.


PhD Nutrition’s Pharma-Whey is one of the finest, bio-engineered Whey protein formulations available. Pharma-Whey does not contain any added carbohydrates and contains at least 75% protein, more than many of the leading brands on the market. Pharma-Whey possesses a uniquely high bioavailability, providing an ideal source of protein for all athletes seeking purity, performance and appearance. Pharma-Whey is an effective source of quality protein to be consumed at multiple stages throughout the day.