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Spartan Labs is an Australian Owned Company

We source the best ingredients from the USA to bring you Hardcore Supplements that deliver period !


Mass products have always been our game and we have always pushed the limits of what people believed could be done!

NEW Liquid Mega Mass is a clean SUPER Testosterone Booster we theorize that is an alternative to harsh steroids yet still has many of the same benefits.

The problem is that in modern society we are bombarded with endocrine disrupting chemicals that may cause men to lose testosterone and other androgens, making them fat, soft and miserable!

We theorize, Mega Mass gives you a healthy alternative to illegal steroids and harsh methylated pro-hormones and when combined with proper diet and exercise may give you the body you want and help you look and feel your best!

Mega Mass is geared for guys who want to put on serious mass while helping keep a lean look.

DIRECTIONS: Shake the bottle well. Using the supplied applicator, squirt one serving of 3ml under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, swish the contents around the mouth and then swallow. Have no more than two servings per day and wait at least 15 minutes between servings.