Pure Carbs



Gen-Tec Nutrition provides a high quality medium chain carbohydrate polymer in Pure Carbs. This simple yet effective product is very versatile with many roles and applications.
Body Building:  Pure carbs will induce an insulin spike. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the human body. The pancreas secretes insulin when blood sugar levels rise. Being anabolic, insulin will drive nutrients from the bloodstream into muscle cells.
An effective insulin spike can be obtained by following the program recommended:
1g per kg of bodyweight
Bodybuilding (eg 80kg bodybuilder)
Immediately after training:  80g Pure Carbs
Use Gen Tec Creatine 320 and L-Glutamine 320 with Pure Carbs for muscle growth and recovery.
Use 200-300mcg of Chromium Piccolinate with each serve to increase insulin sensitivity.
Mix with minimum of 500ml water in shaker or blender.
Mix with Macro whey for complete meal replacement.
Athletes and Sports People:  (eg football, basketball, netball, soccer, boxing, tennis, tri-athletes, running etc).   Pure Carbs will replenish glycogen stores more simply and effectively than other carbohydrate sources. The most rapid rate of glycogen synthesis occurs immediately after exercise. By mixing Pure Carbs in 1 litre of water immediately after training, games and events, recovery time is reduced and energy for your next outing will increase.