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Fit Joy Bars

Fit Joy Nutrition

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Few things compare to that forbidden spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough. You know, the one you scoop up when you think no one is watching?

While spoonfuls of dough aren’t exactly part of a balanced diet, what if you could enjoy those epic bites of bliss in a nutritious protein bar? Now you can with FitJoy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bar. Its smooth, dough-like texture balanced with chunks of unsweetened chocolate makes each bite a memorable experience. This bar will fuel your body and satisfy your sweet tooth–no spoon necessary.

Oh, the decadent taste of chocolate peanut butter candy bars. They’re sweet with just the right amount of salty. And unfortunately, they’re full of unwanted empty calories. So, in the name of health and fitness, you’re forced to put your cravings aside. But you don’t have to!

If you’re salivating from thoughts of creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate, we’ve got you covered with FitJoy's Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar. This chocolate based bar is layered with peanuts on top, and coated with peanut flavor on the bottom for a 1-2 punch of deliciousness. This bar is fit, clean, and it’s a chocolate peanut butter lover’s dream.