Evochem Thermovex Fat Burner

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Evochem Nutrition Thermovex Fat Burning Supplement now available Online at Supps Is Life!

Evochem Nutrition Thermovex is a powerful metabolic formula that doubles as a pre and post-workout blend. Where Thermovex differs from similar products on the ever-growing supplement market is the meticulous science that went behind its making: from research, planning, preparing and testing – the team at EN have done it all. The only thing left to do is to grab a container, mix a scoop with your favourite drink, and enjoy the freshness wherever you happen to be. Enjoy!


Evochem Thermovex is rich with Linoleic Acid, or CLA for short. CLA is similar to the omega-6 fatty acids – which are known to help increase the body’s metabolic rate, boosting the immune system, and making sure that cholesterol levels are thoroughly in check. CLA can mostly be found in dairy products like lamb, beef, milk, and eggs, but it can’t be made within the human body. This is why it’s very important to get CLA from a variety of foods at our disposal.

The first main benefit of CLA is the fact that it increases the body’s basal metabolic rates – which in turn leads to burning fat. The compound does this not by decreasing overall body weight, but by shredding flab one fat cell at a time, sort of speaking. This leads to a better fat-to-muscle ratio – therefore adding up to a leaner body in a healthier self.

However, CLA benefits don’t stop there: the chemical compound can also increase stamina, improve muscle strength, and prolong endurance while working out. Linoleic Acid also has a strong correlation with treating diseases such as diabetes type 2, heart problems, various allergies, and osteoporosis.


Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, is a type of vitamin that has to be consumed daily – since the body doesn’t store it as it does to other chemical compounds. This is why it’s crucial to include Riboflavin in a well-balanced, macronutrient-rich diet.

In addition, Riboflavin is responsible for increasing the energy levels in all individuals. It aids in the process of converting carbs to sugar, which as most of us know – is the main fuel source for the functioning of the body. The compound also helps a process called ‘electron transport chain’ to run smoothly; this chemical process leads to the production of cellular energy. And if that wasn’t enough, Riboflavin plays a pivotal role in the processing of several amino acids, plus fats.

In simpler terms: Riboflavin holds multiple benefits for the normal functioning of the processes in the body.