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Crack3d Amped

Mutated Nation Nutrition

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Mutated Nation Nutrition has turned the Pre Workout Bodybuilding Supplement category upside down with its release of Crack3d Amped. Crack3d Amped is an extremly high stimulant Pre Workout and is for advanced trainers... Don't take our word for it, try it yourself... this stuff is the real deal!

40 serves

High Potency Pre Workout- Crack3d Amped isn't for the faint at heart.

A massive stimulant profile provides the basis for an explosive pre workout product which includes the king of stims, and hard to find in 2016, AMP Citrate. 

AMP Citrate is a hard hitting stimulant that packs a hit as close to DMAA as we have seen. If you are on heart medication or have high blood pressure then this product is not for you.

Be prepared to unleash HELL....