Chaos and Pain Cannibal Permaswole Pre Workout

Chaos and Pain

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Supps Is Life have teamed up with Chaos And Pain to bring you the best in non stimulant pre workout supplements with the arrival of Cannibal Permaswole!

Ever feel so pumped you lose track of where your shoulders are and run into stuff at random? Ever feel so strong you consider walking through doors rather than going to the trouble of opening them? If you have, it's awesome, and if you haven't, you should be dying to.

This is why Chaos and Pain has created Cannibal Swole, a stimulant free preworkout supplement designed to have you as big and as strong as you've ever been. Packed to the gills with every cell-volumizing, strength-improving, shirt-splitting ingredient we could find, Cannibal Swole will have you checking yourself out in every mirror, window, puddle, or any other somewhat reflective surface you can find and then flipping over a car to keep your pump up.

U mirin bro? You should be. Loaded with agmatine, creatinol-o-phosphate, resveratrol, sodium-r isomer-ALA, citrulline and norvaline, Cannibal Swole's got just what the doctor ordered to have everyone checking you out and remarking that you have awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight.

PRE ORDER NOW- Launches 14th May 2018!