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Patrice Brodie- Supps Is Life Athlete


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24 years old


A little about me and my journey: I was your standard 21 year old who moved to the big smoke to attend University. I had minimal money so ate cheap non nutritional food and spend multiple nights binge drinking way too many alcoholic beverages – safe to say that eventually catches up with you and I was a very unwell 21 year old. After a knee reconstruction reality kicked in that I was far from healthy and something really needed to change. I then started a health / weight loss journey and never turned back – I lost 15kg just doing it on my own. As I felt better within myself – increased confidence, energy and drive - I got a real desire to take it all further… To achieve more… That was where my drive to compete started to stem from. 


A major challenge and fight for me has been dealing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was diagnosed with IBS two years ago which meant some massive changes in diet and lifestyle for me. The hardest part about IBS is there is no one solution fits all, there is no treatment and there is no set protocol – it is a figure it out on your own type illness. This is something I will always have to deal with and something that will always challenge me – but for me, it is just another hurdle that I will always continue to jump.


I wasn’t in the competition game to win... I was in it to get up on that stage, have a wow of a time and know that I did it all with some real complications that most competitors would not even have to consider. So this is exactly what I did, I got on that stage with a massive smile on my face and strut my stuff! To me, this represents more than just muscle – this represents real desire, commitment and determination to strive to be the best I can be. It shows that no matter what your circumstances are, if you have a goal and set your mind to it while giving it your all, you can and will achieve it. It may not be easy, but it can be done.


SUPPS IS LIFE have been kind enough to take me on board, knowing that I am an athlete with health struggles meaning things aren’t so straight forward. To me, this shows their commitment to someone with dreams and goals that are within reach of achievement no matter how difficult it may be. It shows their commitment to helping one adapt to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of the circumstances. It really indicates their CAN DO attitude and drive to personally help you no matter what your goals may be!


Injuries: Knee reconstruction


Favourite workout: Glutes, back and shoulders. I can’t pick just one!

Competed INBA South Australia and ANB South Australia September 2015. Placed 5th in INBA Angels.



My ultimate goal is to continue competing. For me, the drive and determination it takes to achieve stepping on that stage is one that I enjoy!

Personal health goals – to work on restoring my stomach health to better manage IBS.

Fitness goals – to spend the next year working on my body composition, in particular my glutes and shoulders. To work on my range of motion and improve my flexibility and balance! But most of all to increase strength.


In a nutshell… I love the health and fitness industry. To me the feeling of being happy and healthy is like no other and I want everyone to see that they can adopt a healthy lifestyle no matter their circumstances. I want to show you the positive life you can lead by taking care of yourself, eating healthier foods, exercising and believing in yourself. My aim is to motivate you… To show you the positives and the negatives… The highs and the lows… To show you that everyone struggles at times, yes it is not easy when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals, but that with the right tools YOU CAN DO IT!