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Eat Ezi Menu

Eat Ezi Meals

Find below Supps Is Life Menu from Eat Ezi- Ready made frozen meals that are calorie controlled, taste amazing and fill you up!

Roast Beef with Sweet Potato and Veg

Beef with Potato

Beetroot Curry (Vegan Option)

Chicken Cauliflower Alfredo

Chicken Breast + Alfredo

Chicken Breast with Basmati Rice and Veg

Breast + Rice

Fish Madras with Rice (Fish Curry)

Fish Madras

Kangaroo Meatball Pasta

Kangaroo Meatball

Roast Lamb with Sweet Potato and Beans

Lamb and Potato

Seasoned Minced Beef and Rice

Mince and Rice

Seasoned Minced beef and Sweet Potato

Mince and Potato

Veggie Lasagne with Brocolli

 Veggie Lasagne

Carrot Falafel w/ Veg

Lentil Burgers w/ Veg

Menu will be added to weekly so please CHECK BACK REGULARLY!