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Chaos Crew - Bring the Chaos now available online in Australia at Supps Is Life and in store at Port Pirie's best 24/7 gym Pirie Powerhouse!

AVAILABLE 27/1/2019!

Extremely Intense / Strong Pre-workout!

A little bit more about Bring The Chaos…


“You’ve got to try this, it reminds me of the old-school pre-workouts like the original Jack3d formula”


This is an EXTREMELY POTENT pre-workout packing a crazy 11g scoop for just one serving


Massive energy that kicks in within minutes:

– Intense energy
– Focus-boosting choline bitartrate helps you harness the energy
– Massive dose of beta-alanine and taurine for endurance and anti-fatigue benefits
– Halostachine to release fat to be burned as energy. Its chemically very similar to ephedrine.
– Citrulline malate, Hydromax and L Norvaline for skin splitting pumps.
– Rhodiolia Rosea and B Vitamins for mental clarity, hormonal balance and the reduction of stress/cortisol


With this pre-workout you do not have to rely on mega high doses of caffeine as Chaos Crew have included expensive nootropics so you are not blasting adrenal glands time and time again chasing those brilliant consistent workouts we all dream of. Everything in this pre-workout has been researched and proven to give the user the best workout every time. Do not be fooled by big brands, marketing and high doses of 4 or 5 different types of caffeine