Chaos and Pain Cannibal Inferno Fat Burner

Chaos and Pain

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Supps Is Life brings the pain to your fat cells with Chaos and Pain Cannibal Inferno. Fat burning supplements aren't made like this anymore!


No one has ever looked in the mirror and thought, yeah, I'm lean enough.  Even the people who are so lean you can see their pancreas flexing as it secretes insulin thinks there's some fat on their body that could stand to disappear.  It's for that reason that Chaos and Pain has released Cannibal Inferno- body fat is the enemy, and we're declaring total war.  This isn't just a stim-junkie pill, either.  Though it's jammed with all of the nuclear-energy production power of caffeine, green, white, and black tea, it also contains ingredients that will melt fat off you like you're a Nazi present at the opening of the Lost Ark.  Acacia rigidula, evodiamine, bioperine, cayanne, hordenine, chocamine, and yohimbe all add fat brutalizing goodness to the stims we dropped in to make this the most potent and best thermogenic fat burners on the market... provided you can stand the heat we're putting in your kitchen.



  • Pop one to three of these bad boys up to three times daily, but not anywhere close to bedtime (unless you're planning on doing something other than sleeping).
  • Cannibal Inferno is a fat obliterating thermogenic complex designed for use in losing body fat, training like a lunatic, and generally being superhuman. Chaos and Pain cautions you, however, to start with one pill and work your way up- this stuff is potent, and we don't want your heart to explode from all of the awesome.

TAKING PRE ORDERS- launches 14th May 2018