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The bulldog program is designed to make you as big and strong as possible.  It is called a power.building workout because the goal is to give you the best of both worlds: a powerful physique with the strength to back it up

bulldog-workoutThe addition of muscle will help build strength; the pursuit of raw strength using a volume of reps will help you build muscle. Your main goal will be to get every body part from head to toe as strong as possible.

Quad Sets

You will begin each workout with quad sets, which are simply heavy 4 reps sets.

During your first workout, start with a weight that easily allows you to perform 4 sets x 4 reps. When your 4th rep feels comfortable and manageable, add 5 pounds to the bar the next time you perform it.

Don’t worry if you are unable to hit 4 reps on every set after adding weight. Try to improve the following week.

Deload Weeks

There are no planned deloads. If your body feels beat up, drop the weight used by 30% and take an easy week.

Progression of Weight

For non-quad exercises, use the same weight for each set of a given exercise. When you can perform all the reps as listed, add weight to that exercise.

Training Split

You will be training 3 days per week. Here is a sample split:

  • Monday – Squat Day
  • Wednesday – Bench Day
  • Friday – Deadlit Day



Squat Day
Exercise Sets Reps
 Squats  4  4
 Squats  1  20
 Still Leg Deadlifts  3  6
 Leg Press  4  20
 Leg Curls  5  10
 Seated Leg Curl  5  10



Bench Press Day
Exercise Sets Reps
 Bench Press  4  4
 Military Press  4  4
 Dumbbell Bench Press  5  10
 Seated Arnold Press  5  10
 Cable Tricep Extension  4  15



Deadlift Day
Exercise Sets Reps
 Deadlift  4  4
 Power Shrugs  2  20
 Barbell Rows  5  10
 Pull Ups  5  Failure
 Seated Dumbbell Curl  3  12
 Hammer Curl  3  12

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