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My Ideal Breakfast

Firstly Hi, I'm Lenny, CEO of Supps Is Life (yes my parents thought my name was actually cool) and I am here to share with you what I view to be the optimum breakfast.

A little about my morning quickly- I'm a father to a 20 month old baby boy Campbell and I awake at about 5:15 am most mornings. This may seem an opportunity for plenty of time for breakfast but reality is- I'm up, check emails and back log of overnight orders and Campbell will then wake up and that's that. So I had to find a quick fix breakfast that still met all my dietary requirements but was quick and easy.

My first aim in the morning is always to get stuck into my water! I love our 2.2L Big Bottles as an easy way to both track my intake but also to keep me hydrated 24/7. Usually it's just water and a multi vitamin when I awake unless the day before or the day ahead is a heavy training load day I will add some BCAA Amino Acids and get them in my body asap! Over time I found this has kept me on track and sets me up for the day ahead, although I do sympathise in winter it isn't an easy task- but nothing generally worthwhile is!

Now, not ideally, if time has gotten totally away from me ill shove 4 scoops of whey protein into my SIL Maker Shaker knock that down pick up 2 bananas and leave. I don't recommend this as a choice of nutrition but it beats the pants off of going through a bakery or drive through. 

SO, what is it I do you ask? Pretty simple, quick and effective! I grab some cold water and add 350mls to my shaker. I grab 2 scoops of my protein powder (currently Syntha 6 Edge Salted Caramel) and shake until mixed well. I add my 35g of Rolled Oats ( I use Uncle Toby's Ready Made Sachet) to a bowl then I add in my Protein Powder. I let the oats sit for a minute and then I stir the oats through the protein powder to a consistency similar to porridge. On High Intensity days I add in a banana for extra potassium and carbs to aid with the experiences of the next 12 hours.

And there you have it- a Nutritious breakfast providing me with:

Calories- 450

Protein- 51g

Carbohydrates- 42g

Fats- approx 9g

So give it a try and give yourself the ideal start to the day to ensure you are giving 100% to everything you do during your 24!

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