Victory Labs Xenevar Review

Victory Labs Xenevar Review

Fat burner supplements are becoming increasingly popular as people look for the cutting edge in their goals to become fitter, healthier and shredded. Our resident guru has review the Victory Labs fat burning supplement Xenevar.


Victory labs Xenevar is a high stimulant fat burning supplement. A 1 scoop serve of Xenevar will give you 144mg of caffeine which isn't over the top and just below a dosage in popular fat burners such as Oxyshred from EHP Labs. Victory Labs has opted to go with two types of carnitine with L-Carnitine Tartrate and Fumarate both included. L-Carnitine Tartrate has been shown to be absorbed quicker and more bio available than regular L-Carnitine in some studies whilst L Carnitine Fumarate contains Fumarate to aid with energy levels. Victory Labs have included Guarana Seed Extract Ampiberry and Oxygold to increase energy levels and up your baseline metabolism to burn more fat. Victory Labs have also included ketones to help with stored fat use aswell as a product named Mangostana in a 10:1 ratio that s an anti inflammatory, helps control negative oestrogen output and works as an appetite suppressant.

Xenevar includes artificial colours and sweetners making up a complete scoop serving size. The ingredient panel is a solid profile for a fat burning supplement and includes approaching fat loss from all angles with thermogenisis, raised metabolism and fat transportation all accounted for.


The key reason you would be interested in Victory labs Xenevar is for the effectiveness on reducing body fat. Xenevar is best taken on an empty stomach, early in the AM. The first thing you will notice is Victory Labs Xenevar gives you a lot of energy pretty quickly. We found that within 20 minutes of taking Xenevar you get a nice surge of energy and that energy lasts throughout the morning. There is no sudden rush of energy like a pre workout but also there is no crash- Clean, jitter free energy. The biggest benefit of utilising Xenevar in the AM is the positive mood that and AM exercise provides for the remainder of the day. We felt Victory Labs Xenevar provided us with a solid enhancement in mood. 

The key reason you would use Xenevar is going to be to aid in your fat loss goals. When you combine the above analysis with fat loss, Xenevar ticks all the boxes a good fat burner supplement should- Raises your metabolism, Gives you energy to get up and about and move more, Enhances your mood to keep your focus on the tasks at hand and importantly for most curbs your appetite for high fat or sugary foods. No fat burner is going to do the work for you but Victory Labs Xenevar provides you with all the aides and tools to reach your target fat levels.


Victory Labs have canned both the original flavours of Xenevar and replaced them with 4 new, delicious flavours. Xenevar is now available in Raspberry Vanilla, Passionfruit Guava, Mango and the crowd favourite flavour Bubblegum. As mentioned before, all of these flavours are tasty and have zero after taste. We found taking Victory Labs Xenevar in the early AM was easy and there was no long lastign after taste on the way for AM Cardio.


The original Xenevar was available in a 60 scoop tub for $69.95 which provided the customer with exceptional value considering Xenevar is a good product. Victory Labs took it upon themselves to up the value of Xenevar and have added an extra 50% or 30 scoops to the product with no extra costs. Xenevar is now available in a 90 scoop tub for just $69.95 meaning even hardcore trainers who double scoop Xenevar are still getting 45 serves for under $70, thus making Xenevar one of the best valued fat burning supplements on the market.


We found Victory Labs Xenevar to be a great stand alone fat burner but anyone who is looking to ramp up the results could add 1g of Acetyl-L-Carnitine to the stack.


Victory Labs have to be applauded for Xenevar for providing the customer with an amazing product previously, but the new Xenevar with 50% extra free provides unreal value for money. Xenevar tastes amazing, provides jitter free energy and a superior appetite suppressant to boot. Hardcore gym goers or people who supplement regularly with fat burners may feel the need to double scoop Xenevar but even by doing so still get amazing value. Overall, Victory Labs have made a strong play in the fat burner category and is well worth trying.

Score- 4.1/5

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