Typhoon Labs Sweat Review!

Typhoon Labs Sweat Review!

Typhoon Labs is an Australian Owned Supplement company that's just breaking through the in the market. Typhoon Labs has thrown their hat in the fat burner supplement ring with their high stimulant thermogenic burner Sweat.


Typhoon Labs Sweat fat burning supplement is a micro dosed thermogenic enhancement product. The label on Sweat doesn't indicate the dosage of each ingredient but a 2.5g scoop of Sweat will get you Caffeine Anhydrous, Higenamine HCL, Synephrine HCL, Noopept (yes, the amazing Noopept), Lean GBB and Paradoxine. 

Most of those ingredients you will be familiar with but I want to focus on a couple of key inclusions in Typhoon Labs Sweat with that firstly being Noopept. Noopept is one of the strongest nootropics available on the market today. It provides a boost to overall cognition and has a slight psychostimulatory effect. Contrary to most nootropics, Noopept's effects start within mere minutes of ingestion making it an excellent choice right before mentally demanding tasks.

The other key ingredient of Sweat is Paradoxine aka Grains of Paradise. A native to the coast of Africa, Grains of Paradise has shown to provide quality benefits to help you shed the fat, and lose weight quickly and effectively. Powered by 6-paradol, grains of paradise enhances brain health, as it aids in neural cell endurance. With its ability to help with neuro-inflammation, grains of paradise is a powerful herbal supplement that supports brain protection from unwanted damage, and allows for better long-term health. The potent properties of grains of paradise also help with anti-oxidative health, helping to promote neuroprotection, and enhancing functional capabilities within the brain. Beside 6-paradol, grains of paradise also contains 6-shogaol, which will promotes proper central nervous system health and improve your state of mind for the long haul. Grains of paradise has the ability to promote faster metabolism, which helps reduce fat content and reduce your waist-hip ratio.


Typhoon Labs Sweat comes in the one flavour, Tropical Lemonade. The taste is actually quite pleasant and reminds us of a lemon flavoured lollipop minus all the sugar. We found Sweat easy to drink and their was no nasty after taste or residue after ingesting it.


So this is what you really want to know, what did Typhoon Labs Sweat do for us? Well straight off the bat, the name says it all. Being a thermogenic supplement the idea is it ups your bodies temperature making it work harder to cool itself thus burning more calories which in turn burns more body fat. Sweat is more than that though, it makes you sweat A LOT. The addition of noopept though makes Sweat more than just a thermogenic fat burner,it adds the cognitive support and focus allowing you to concentrate harder and longer and adding value to your everyday lifestyle. I found taking Sweat in the AM had me focusing until the mid PM and with that my productivity improved. Energy levels are excellent with Caffeine, Higenamine and Synephrine all stimulants that support an increase in energy levels.


For an all round fat burning supplement, Typhoon Labs Sweat is best stacked with APS Nutrition Acetyl-L-Carnitine.


Typhoon Labs Sweat is a strong thermogenic fat burner supplement. If you are looking to increase your fat loss goals then adding Sweat to your arsenal is going to assist you in reaching your goals quicker. I feel where Typhoon Labs Sweat adds to its appeal is with the adding of Noopept which not only aids you in your focus for exercise and weight loss but the overall improvement to your daily lifestyle and productivity is invaluable. Sweat is a new staple added to my supplement arsenal and I can't see it being replaced anytime soon.

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