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Tips for beginner bodybuilders- What to concentrate on early

Bodybuilding for Beginners

#1 – Create time

First determine how much free time you have available at your disposal and how much you are willing to dedicate. Don’t attempt to begin a 6 day workout split when you really are only able to dedicate three solid days per week.

The same is true from the diet and nutrition side. You must be able to set aside time for meal prepping and/or eating healthy meals because workouts alone will not be enough for reaching your goals alone.

#2 – Find a split that works for you

Experienced individuals may offer their own insight as to which body part split is ideal for progressing. Beginners may be urged to do an upper/lower split to begin while other experts may suggest a push/pull/legs routine emphasizing more frequency with less volume. Hardcore bodybuilding enthusiasts may even go so far as to say that no body part should be worked more than once per week while doing the traditional bro body part split of one muscle group per day.

The truth of the matter is that no one special formula exists that is above and beyond all others. Do whichever split is most suited to your own needs for reaching your goals. If you hate the upper/lower split don’t attempt it. If you think the push/pull/legs workout focuses on too many muscles per day then throw it away.

#3 – Research your supplements

While supplements are not absolutely necessary for success they can help aide in your progress. Start with the basics at first then add more to your tool bag as you advance. Nutrition and workouts should always be the main point of emphasis but starting with these top five supplements may help you make substantial progress.

  • Creatine will improve strength and muscle fullness.
  • Protein powder will supplement your diet and expedite your recovery after training.
  • Pre workout will provide the additional stimuli needed for powering through your workout.
  • Fish oil will help prevent join pain and inflammation.
  • BCAAs will help prevent muscle fatigue throughout the workout.

Stick to these basic fundamentals before adding more complex supplements to your repertoire.

#4 – Track everything

Make a conscious effort to track down all workouts, all food that is consumed, and even how much water you are drinking daily. Results are not based upon any one single variable but a combination of several different variables performed repeatedly on a consistent basis over an extended period of time.

Basically do the right thing time after time and eventually you will reach your overall end goal of obtaining the physique and body structure you desire.

#5 – Hold yourself accountable

Unless you have a personal trainer and dietician on hand you most likely will have nobody to hold you accountable except yourself. Even with a supportive group of people around you, ultimately it rests on you to control what foods you are eating and what level of intensity you are performing at the gym.

As a beginner you will most likely be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available to you through various media outlets. The trick is being able to decipher good and bad information along with what really works versus what is simply a clever marketing tactic. Stay away from any ideology centered around shortcuts or unlikely promises because in the end it only matters what the outcome is.

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