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Review- NO Xplode XE Edge

Below is our written review on the Pre Workout Bodybuilding Supplement from BSN, NO Xplode Xe Edge!


BSN is a household name in the supplement industry and its Pre Workout NO Xplode has been updated regularly to keep on track with an evolving market. BSN's latest installment is NO Xplode Edge XE and its NO Xplode first time entering the market of high stim pre workouts.

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As you can see BSN have broken the product into 4 sub headings for ingredients.
Endura Fusion

Efforsorb Blend- The main purpose here is to aid with absorption of the ingredients and to delay the onset of lactic acid.

Carnosyn Beta Alanine- AKA the tingles, again this is in here to delay the onset of lactic acid buildup allowing you to go harder longer

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine- NAC is known to reduce fatigue in theuser according to some studies 

Rhodiola Rosea L. Extract- Assist in mental and physical fatigue

AstraGin- Ultimate absorption enhancer

N'Tensity Matrix

L- Tyrosine - Help reduce stress and also amino acid absorption enhancer

Choline Bitartrate- Nootropic used to help with mental focus

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL- Helps cross the blood/brain barrier to aid with focus and delivers energy to the brain

Macuna Pruriens Extract- reduces oxidative stress in nigrostriatal tissue and improves nuero behavioral activity

Toothed Clubmoss Extract- Nootropic used to enhance alertness

N.O. PUMP Complex

Citrulline Blend- Nictric Oxide Booster AKA Big Pump

Magnesium Glycerophosphate- enhance bioavailbility of ingredients

GlyceroSorb- Simple pump amplifier through carbohydrate source

Grape Skin Extract- Help Increase circulation

Folic Acid- B Vitamin to help buffer effects

Super Leaf Energy Composite

Caffeine Anhydrous- Energy and Mental alertness enhancement

NRG- X Extract- Blend of stimulants to aid with energy and focus

Grapefruit Bioflavonoid extract- help protect cells from damage



No Xpolde is a high stim pre workout. The first thing I noticed with the product was definitely the Beta Alanine. I found the onset of Beta Alanine to be quite quick and effective. Obviously the highlight of this product is the stimulant blend. I was really impressed with the energy and focus NO Xplode XE Edge provded- I was alert for the entire workout and felt the energy was long lasting and more importantly there was no crash. I found the energy was onset well- there was no initial hit of stims then it drop off- the stims hit evenly throughout the workout.


I sampled the Tropical flavour and the flavour was very strong- a mixture of not enough water and the product. I found the flavour to be quite pleasant and easy to drink even though I had made it to thick. I would recommend a 500-600ml water per scoop dosage for optimal taste.


Our price for NO Xplode XE Edge is $54.95 and contains 30 serves. The average person would see a per serve price of $1.83 and based on 5 workouts a week the product would last 6 weeks at a monthly cost of $36.63 a month- A very well priced product in todays market.


I really enjoy NO Xplode XE Edge. I am a big fan of the product before the new addition and I find this to be a great option for people who prefer more stims in there workout as well. The pricing is spot on at one scoop although I can see more advanced trainers heap or double scooping rather quickly. As an entry level product for beginners there probably isn't a better higher stimulant product to still provide pumps and endurance on the market at the price point and that tastes pleasant. Overall I believe BSN have done well with NO Xplode XE Edge and have given it a rating of 4/5 stars.

You can check out NO Xplode XE Edge HERE

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