Product Review- Rule 1 (Whey Blend)

Product Review- Rule 1 (Whey Blend)

The whey protein market. One of the most competitive markets in the supplement game. Today we are reviewing what many may see as a new whey protein in Australia but it has in fact been available at Supps Is Life for 18 months, Rule 1 Whey.


As mentioned this product is a blend of Whey in the form concentrate, isolate and hyrdolysate. The Rule 1 Whey blend boasts a respectable macronutrient breakdown with 24g of muscle building protein, 5g of carbohydrates and 1.5g of fat which equates to 140 calories overall. The product has a slightly higher level of Sodium at 105mg per serve than that of Combat Whey but is 20% lower in Sodium than Gold Standard Whey. Of the 5g of Carbohydrates found in Rule 1 Whey, 2g are sourced from sugars and 1g is that of dietary fibre. The 1.5g of fat sees the level of saturated fat level at 1g. See the nutritional label below for more information on the specifications on this product.

* Please Note- Review is based on Chocolate flavour, Label below is for the Vanilla Flavour


Supps Is Life has 3 sizes of Rule 1 Whey in stock. the 28 serve 2LB tub sells for $54.95 or $1.96 per serve, the 70 serve 5LB tub sells for $94.95 or $1.36 per serve and the 140 serve 10LB bag sells for $159.95 or $1.14 per serve. Rule 1 Whey Blend possess great value for money and with 24g or protein per scoop its one of the better valued products on the market today.


The big one, what does it taste like. We trial all our tastings in 200ml of cold water and in our EXCLUSIVE Supps Is Life Maker Shakers. We trialled all the flavours and for this Taste review we are using the Chocolate flavour as it is the most popular flavour. All our scores our out of 5 and represent the views of our staff only.

Rule 1 Whey has no clumping issues and has a smooth texture.

A creamy chocolate flavour that is slightly watery in the 200ml taken in.

Due to the easy mixibility and creamy taste, we found using this product post workout and snacks throughout the day to be fine and no issue with becoming bored of the flavour.


A perfect Whey bend product- not to thick, easy to drink, taste's great and is easy to mix! All the boxes are ticked for the Rule 1 Whey Blend.


Supps Is Life stock Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies n Crea in the 2Lb and 5Lb tubs swell as Chocolate and Vanilla in the 10Lb tubs. Strawbery is also available in the 2LB and 5LB tubs. My personal favorite flavour has to be Cookies and Cream as i find the flavour to be totally on point with my expectations of Cookies and Cream but the Chocolate and Vanilla are well represented and offer great flavours.


Supps Is Life's overall opinion on Rule 1 Whey Blend is honestly- Look Out! to the competition. The main sticking point for consumers is Value for Money and Quality of the product- Both of these concerns are null and void for consumers as the Rule 1 Whey Blend is great value for money swell as having a transparent label and free from Gums and Amino Spiking. If you are in the market for a new Whey Protein for protein snacks or post workout and recovery purposes then we highly recommend Rule 1 Whey Blend as your next stop!!

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  • Shoeb - January 21, 2017

    Can we purchase if we are international customers?

  • Gracie - July 23, 2016

    One of the nicest whey protein powders I have used- No Bloating and easy to drink plus the Vanilla makes excellent protein balls… Plus I got an awesome Supps Is Life singlet through my loyalty points, even though i’m all the way in Hobart, I can’t find these deals anywhere here!
    Thanks Lenny and the team at Supps Is Life!

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