My Average Working Day with Supps Is Life CEO Lenny Starke

My Average Working Day with Supps Is Life CEO Lenny Starke
Sleep. If someone can explain what that is too me I will willingly listen. So I get asked a lot " Hey Len, you should do a day in the life of vlog " or " Man, I would love to hear you daily routine". Let's be frank.. Vlogs are everywhere and they are done to death. My days aren't exciting enough for an depth vlog and with all the flooded vlog posts of "days in the life of", I am going to stick to making you red- it's healthy for you!

3 am is a time on my phone I see pretty much daily. Sometimes its stress. Sometimes it's a grand idea I've had. Sometime's it is to get up, go to the toilet and turn the television on and cheer on the mighty Liverpool Football Club. If it's the former I generally check my phone, write down my idea, go to the toilet and return to bed. Between 5 am and 6 am is a general time I awaken.. usually to the request of my 2 1/2 year old son Campbell. For some reason their is a need to watch Paw Patrol or Toy Story from 6 am. I rise from the ibis and immediately visit the toilet, smack down 10 1g fish oil tablets, 3g vitamin C, 2 Albutarex pills, 1 litre of water and some aminos. Then it is straight into work. I get on the laptop, Campbell pre occupied by Buzz and Woody, and I get to work. Emails, Website Backlog, Orders, Requests... you name it I do my best work between 6 am and 8:30 am. On the average day I then spend 1.5 hours with my wife and son, making a breakfast smoothie and head into Supps Is Life HQ for a 10 am opening.

So 10 am the doors open and so starts my working day. For the next 8 hours anything could happen.. Could be snowed under with customers and rushed to complete tasks or can cruise with tasks with a slower customer day. Daily though I spend my first 2 hours tidying the store, going through emails, getting social photos ready and any other general duty tasks. The next job is processing the online orders. Now again, this task can be either really hectic (usual case) or pretty chill depending on the overnight orders. Online orders is a time consuming affair- I can spend upwards of the next 4 hours of my day printing, picking and packing. See already why a vlog would probably bore you? During this time I'll miss calls, miss emails, miss messages, serve customers to then have to return calls, return emails, return messages after 4pm when the parcels have been delivered. 4 pm - 6 pm is typically our busiest in store time with knock off times at schools, work places and also the peak gym attendance time. During these two hours it is generally pretty hectic with customers so not a lot of work takes place. During these 8 hours I also have to find time to liaise with my Operations Manager and ensure the back end of Supps Is Life - the wholesale, accounts, gyms, stock and new arrivals - are on track.

Then there is always the stock arrival that can take place. Whether it's from our partners Chaos and Pain or Australian distributors the task of receiving stock is a time consuming affair. When stock arrives we have to count the units vs the invoice, ensure all stock has arrived undamaged and when satisfied with the arrival put it next door in our warehouse and distribute as required. Now all this sounds pretty elementary... and it is for a small delivery. If the delivery is a pallet or 2 and mixed products it can be a bloody nightmare and I send a lot of that time scratching my head trying to work out what is going on. Overall though, It's a fun process that is a reminder if stock is arriving you are still selling and business is moving forward.

So 6 pm arrives and if everything goes to plan I can get out the door on time to get home to my beautiful family and have some dinner and play time. Generally I would hit the gym at 7/7:30 pm but it has been very sporadic for me lately as I battle the growth of SIL with illness, motivation and family life- definitely an area that needs attention moving forward.

The beauty, and sometimes hindrance, of the modern day retail online business is everything you need is accessible via your phone and laptop and the work really never stops. After Tea it's generally back to the laptop and I start working on updating the website. Anyone who runs an online e commerce store would know just how much work it takes to achieve the little things people see on the site. In collaboration with this now days is social media. If you are trying to grow your brand, your business or generally grow as a whole and you aren't on ALL social media platforms you are already so far behind. Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, Snapchat, Whats app, and Canva are all platforms that need daily attention and as suggested this is a time consuming task but also one of the fundamentals to growing my brand.

Then there is the social, less serious side to Lenny. I love banter- nothing better than ruffing a few friendly feathers if your team wins. I have a new found love for UFC and Thug Rose- she optimizes everything I believe in. As mentioned earlier I am a massive LFC fan. A win can make my day at 6:15am or a loss can ruin it just as quick. I follow AFL (Crows), NBA, Cricket and pretty much anything going on the sporting front. I love gaming.. well I love FIFA! Any downtime I get that I want to waste it's on FIFA. 

So that's me on the usual day. Of course no two days are generally the same and I'm not without my own stresses and anxious times. We are all human and tough situations are never easy to deal with. I was once told to make sure you are making memories as they are the only thing you can take with you so I encourage you all to live life to the fullest and take every opportunity that shows itself and do your best to make the outcome favorable.
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  • Lauren - April 11, 2018

    You do a fantastic job at upholding your stores and balancing your family life. Well done Lenny.

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