Motivational Community

Motivational Community

The year is 2017 and every 3 accounts on Instagram and Facebook seem to be littered with inspirational and motivational accounts. Sure, these things are needed in everyday life but are they really what can motivate you?

What Motivates Me?

Call me old fashioned. Call me out of touch. I don't get motivated by Instagram or Facebook accounts. I admire to my deepest point the effort, time and work that has gone into those peoples life to get them to where they at. Can average me, who works endless hours and is time poor look like Josef Rakich? In theory yes, in reality there isn't a chance I can maintain the hours and discipline he does... this is why these people exist. Some are genetic freaks, some are unemployed and some are in the fitness industry as a gym owner/PT and there life is fitness. So what does motivate me? Cliche as it may seem it is average Joe who is just like you or me who achieves their goals but more importantly who does so with dignity and integrity. If you attend a bodybuilding show and the single PT from the local gym who works part time at Supps Is Life wins the show you are proud and congratulatory but you are not surprised. If the local butcher who works 45 hours a week with a family gets up there and wins you are full of admiration, disbelief and more importantly it shows you can achieve anything when the mind is strong. To be honest I am motivated by my own dreams. I don't seek motivation from another source because its then an excuse when it doesn't happen and that is unfair to yourself. I find when I don't reset my goal posts my dreams become stagnate and aiming to achieve is the motivational pull I need to go for it.

 Finding like minded local individuals!

If you are setting out on your journey and need motivation, the best people to turn to are those you can interact with and incorporate into your journey. Building a rapport with a real person you can speak and train with will motivate you on an interment level. Having someone who is there physically with you for your journey or to help achieve goals will be far more beneficial than searching the net for inspiration. There is always the possibility you may not be able to find that person and that is where online inspiration is the key. My tip would be look passed the 1 million follower people and concentrate your effort more into you rather than spending too much time on social media watching your inspiration kick their goals- You could be kicking yours instead!

Stay motivated #SILFAM in the end of the day your results are your own and your achievements can only be made by you. Whilst you are out there changing things, kicking goals and achieving what you set out to you don't know who is watching and who in fact you are motivating and inspiring on your journey!


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