Chaos and Pain Legendary Review

Chaos and Pain Legendary Review
Nothing quite gets the excitement blood flowing look a good muscle building testosterone booster. Chaos and Pain Legendary has arrived to Supps Is Life and is looking to reinstate itself at the top of the capsulated muscle gaining supplement catergory.


Chaos and Pain has merged two ingredients usually sold individually into one powerful capsule. Legendary contains 150mg of EpicatechinThe compound is known for its insulin mimicking, antioxidant and mass building properties. Multiple clinical studies have confirmed these claims and the dosage of Epicathecin in Legendary should be sufficient to give some real gains. This ingredient should help you grow in strength and size rapidly, so it’s a great start. The other main ingredient in Legendary from Chaos and Pain is the highly spoken about 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin. A plant steroidal with similarities to Anavar, this powerful compound has been on the market ever since 1996 and is used in many bulking products. Studies and anecdotal data have shown it to have great potential in increasing muscle mass and protein synthesis as well as muscle recovery times. To ensure the body absorbs the key compounds, Chaos and Pain packed legendary with 25mg of Capsorb, to increase the absorption.

What To Expect?

Chaos and Pain are not a humble company. The claims of their products are always grand and here is what they are promising you will experience with Legendary:

  • Extreme muscle mass gains
  • Insane energy and strength
  • Improved vascularity
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Faster muscle recovery

Does It Work?

Chaos and Pain tend to make really grand claims about their products. To be honest no product on the market could really live up to these claims, but we don’t really expect a tub of something will instantly turn you into a monster giant.

The actual results with Legendary are in fact quite awesome. The product is fantastic for increasing the muscle mass without using prohormone formulas or steroids and as far as mass builders go it is probably one of the finer products currently on the market.

You can expect to gain some serious kgs in a few months of using and your friends and family will notice the gains as they will be hard to hide if you wanted to. The product also seems to come with no significant side effects, which is always great news.


Each jar of Chaos and Pain Legendary contains 60 capsules. For quicker results it's recommended to take 2 capsules daily although staying with 1 capsule daily will still see the user achieve awesome results. Legendary costs $79.95 which is well below the cost of most capsulated testosterone products in Australia.

You can check out Chaos And Pain Legendary HERE!

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