Chaos and Pain Cannibal Riot Preview!

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Riot Preview!

Supps Is Life (and me personally) are so damn excited for the return of Chaos and pain in early May we had to share it with you. Now, we don't want you to feel your current Pre Workout Supplement is inferior to Cannibal Riot, but lets face it, it is! Welcome to our preview for the next big thing in pre workout supps, Cannibal Riot from Chaos and Pain.


So the big question everyone want's to know is what the hell is in the new, non DMHA version of Cannibal Riot. So first things first, Cannibal Riot is a high stimulant, pump inducing, endurance pre workout. Chaos and Pain have chucked in 3.2g of Beta Alanine for endurance and to help up fight Lactic Acid. Next up is 2g of pure L-Citrulline for them skin splitting pumps. 500mg of N- Acetyl - L - Tyrosine is in there for that mental focus AKA the zone. First of the stimulants is high dosage of caffeine at 350mg which will wake the dead. The next ingredient is an exciting one as Chaos and Pain have included 300mg of VASO-6 which is a vasodilator that has trial showing an increase of 50% to calculation at a 300mg dosage. 200mg of Glucoronolactone is up next which aids in physical and mental performance. 20mg of isopropylnorsynephrine which is a strong lipolytic agent is the last ingredient int his product.


Anyone that tried the old Cannibal Riot would know how amazing this pre workout is. The biggest difference between both versions is obviously the exclusion of the 200mg of DMHA which was a highlight of that pre workout. So how does this new version stack up? The new Cannibal Riot is most definitely a different pre workout supplement from its predecessor. The adding of Vast-6 takes this product to the next level for vascularity and muscle pumps and the energy is intense considering the fact it has no DMHA. For me, the big thing Cannibal Riot produces is an amazing all round pre. The pumps are solid, the energy and endurance are well rounded and the mental focus is on point. Chaos and Pain have a done a great job with the reformulation and it will be interesting to see if they add in the new stimulant Dynamine to give it even more kick. The new version also comes in awesome see through tubs which just adds to the sex appeal of the product.


The original Cannibal Riot tasted ok- it wasn't great, it wasn't disgusting - it sort of sat in that tolerable area. The new Cannibal Riot comes with a reformulated Gummi Bear flavour which is delicious as well as the Strawberry Watermelon flavour taking over from the hard to tolerate Fruit Punch of the old version. The taste is amazing on the new Cannibal Riot which is mainly contributed to the fact it doesn't have the clump-ready ingredient hydromax to contend with.


Chaos and Pain had a winner with the original Cannibal Riot and they're onto another one here. Australia love what Chaos and Pain produce and I can see this pre workout supplement again filling the cupboards of many gym goers. Cannibal Riot lands early may and you should sign up HERE to ensure you don't miss out on the launch date!

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