C4 Ripped Review!

C4 Ripped Review!


Today we are reviewing Cellucor's attempt at a fat burning pre workout, in the form of C4 Ripped.


So, the first thing any fan of C4 is going to notice is the Creatine NO-3 has been replaced by the C4 Ripped Blend. All the other things that make C4 such a popular pre workout are still there- the Energy Blend (minus the tea-cor), AAKG, Vitamin Spectrum and Beta Alanine are all present, so lets break them down first.

As common in most pre wrokouts, C4 Ripped contains a vitamin spectrum to hep counter act with and buffer the stimulants in C4 Ripped and help with ingredient absorption and transportation.

AKA the tingles. Beta Alanine is used to help break down lactic acid ad is therefore known as an endurance enhancer. Beta Alanine is responsible for the tingles you feel in C4 but it does actually service a purpose in pre workout supplements.

Or Arginine is generally used to improve peak athletic performance because it helps the liver break down by-products of muscle exercise such as ammonia. AAKG also helps you workout longer and with less pain and stiffness which leads to better lean muscle gains.


L Carnitine Tartrate is used to assist the transport of fatty acids in mitochondria, which can aid fat loss, as well as transporting toxic by products out of the mitochondria.

Green Coffee Bean Extract may contain low levels of caffeine, a well known stimulant and fat burner. Chlorinergic acid, the active compound in green coffee extract, has been shown by some studies to induce weight loss in overweight individuals. Green Coffee Bean has also successfully reduced blood pressure in some individuals!

Capsimax Cayenne is used to up the bodies natural temperature which improves the bodies thermogenisis thus helping burn more fat.

Corleus Forskohlli root extract increases cellular levels of an enzyme called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Elevated cAMP levels are associated with increased rates of fat loss, and can improve the effects of other fat burning compounds.


N-Aceytl- L- Tyrosine  can have a positive effect on the neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine so if often used to enhance mood and well-being. It can also be used to assist dieting by suppressing the appetite.

Caffeine is a stimulant that aids in weight loss through an increase in energy and heart rate.

Velvet Bean Mucuna pruriens is a source of L-DOPA, which is a precursor to dopamine- used as a mood enhancer


Supps Is Life sells the 30 serve C4 Ripped for $54.95 or $1.83 per serve. The price point is spot on for a 30 serve pre workout but add into the equation that the product is actually a fat burning pre workout the value for money is amazing as it allows the consumer to use the product for both purposes and lower the need to utilise two separate products.


The most common thoughts of consumers are pre workouts aren't there for taste- well can tell you folks we used the tropical punch for this review and we were impressed!  All our scores are out of 5 and represent the views of our reviewer only.


C4 Ripped has no issues mixing and a Supps Is Life Maker Shaker is optional.

TASTE- 4.5

I really enjoyed the flavour of the Tropical Punch. I found it be a perfect mix of flavouring able to mask the ingredients and not be too strong.


C4 Ripped, inline with all C4 products, tastes amazing. It does contain its fair share of artificial ingredients but if a good tasting pre workout/fat burner is what you desire, there are few better.


C4 Ripped comes in three flavours. Raspberry Lemonade is the most popoular flavour and is likened to a weaker red cordial. Tropical Punch is a refreshing flavour that tastes fruity and not overpowering. Cherry Limeade AKA Fruit Punch is your standard flavour- that Dr Pepper type flavour that appeals to a certain crowd. Overall all the flavours complement each other and everyone will have an option with C4 Ripped.


I get nervous when companies start to experiment with their biggest names- and there is no bigger pre workout name than C4. I was pleasantly suprised with C4 Ripped as it was perfect to use pre workout or pre cardio and the thermogenic effect was defiantly felt. Although not necessary I would still recommend stacking with Acetyl l Carntine for optimal results. C4 Ripped is definately worth a try as the value for money is great and the results back up the price point.







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