Built - End of Days Pre Workout pReview!

Built - End of Days Pre Workout pReview!

Built has hyped it's new pre workout supplement End Of Days as the next big thing... Supps Is Life's trustee brains trust takes a look at and previews End Of Days 5 days before it is released on www.suppsislife.com


As you can see above, Built End Of Days has a fully disclosed ingredient panel... win #1. A quick browse will show you End Of Days has 7g of pump ingredients and 490mg of stimulants as its highlights. End Of Days contains a clinical 6g dose of L-Citrulline and 1g of agmatine sulphate as well as 2g of Beta Alanine for endurance. A clinical dose of Creatine HCL generally ranges between 1 and 2g so End Of Days has been given a full 2g for maximum effect. With the stimulants you cop a massive 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous which gets you going from the first set. Guarana extract is represented with a 50mg dosage and the highly rated halostachine, compared to ephedra, has a massive 50mg dosage. Juniper extract, Synephrine and Teacrine round out the stimulant ingredients in End Of Days. Built have also given plenty of thought to the brain with Choline, Theobromine, Teacrine and Hordenine all their for focus and nutrient absorption.

A full scoop offers 12.3g of powder which contains  12.280g of active ingredients leaving about 50mg over for the colourings and sweetners.


Build End of Days is an extremely strong pre workout supplement, period. The energy is insane. Upon taking End Of Days you cop the initial burst of caffeine and that continues on through your workout as the beta alanine and other stimulants kick on through the duration of your workout. The pumps are unreal- but having 6g of Citrulline you would assume that would be the case.. The vascularity and fullness of the working muscles are somewhat jaw dropping. The focus on End Of Days was subtle but defiantly noticeable throughout the workout. End of Days is a pre workout you wouldn't take in the PM if you have sleep issues as the ceiling is a boring mirror at 3am. 


Built End Of Days comes in 4 flavours- Grape bubblegum, Apple, Raspberry Vanilla and our personal favourite Lemon and Lime. The taste is probably a 7/10.. it's not bad but it isn't ground breaking. Very few people take pre workout supplements for taste and although End Of Days isn't cordial it is still respectable and very tolerable to drink.


In conclusion. Built believed they were onto a winner with End of Days. Our initial views are this pre workout could very well be the next big thing. It is high stim, it gives insane pumps and it provides you guys with brilliant focus. Total War set the bar last year and although End Of Days is DMHA Free it is as close as we have seen to those quality pre workouts of last year. I believe End of Days from Built will be a popular pre workout and easily is the best new release pre workout of 2018 so far that we have tried.


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