Mutant Pro 100 Review

Canadian based company Mutant have gone down the Gourmet Protein path and we are hear to review the Mutant Pro 100 series.


Protein Powders are effectively food. Protein Powder is used to repair muscle tissue and stimulate growth. Protein is extremely important for people who live active lifestyles and powders are a simple way to get high class protein into the body with ease and not having to prep meals. Pro 100 is a gourmet protein powder which means it focuses on taste as a priority. 

We found the recovery to be on par with all whey blended powders that consist of 25g Protein, 5g of Carbs and minimal fat (2.5g in this instance). The beauty of a whey blend is that it generally is thicker and appeals to people who use shakes as a snack or protein hit throughout the day. One thing that Pro 100 does do is offer amazing taste and is extremely filling.


In a world that has been damaged by disreputable companies "Amino Spiking" their products with cheaper ingredients its important you understand what you are getting for you hard earned dollar.

The label is very open on Pro 100- its totally transparent. Each tub consists of 5.5g of BCAA and 4.3g of Glutamine- this is similar to big branded products like Gold Standard Whey. A positive sign is with the very open book approach to the label Pro 100 has the exact dosage of each amino acid which adds up to 25g- the same as the Protein disclosed meaning it is free from any spiking.


This is where Pro 100 really shines. We used the Strawberry and Cream flavour for our review and it is amazing. A thick, creamy texture with an amazing strawberry flavour (think Strawberry Quik) with chunks of strawberry pieces throughout. This defies a gourmet protein shake to a tea with its great taste and the strawberry bites just add that extra bit of class to the product.



Anyone who is focused on their health and fitness goals can use Pro 100. We found the product to be amazing to use in smoothies and as a stand alone snack throughout the day. W recommend people get as much Protein, Carbs and Fats from natural food sources as possible but when that becomes difficult Pro 100 can really fill the void. Protein Shakes have a history of being known to "taste disgusting" but the industry has evolved over time and products like Pro 100 ensure taste is never going to be an issue.



A 2LB (909g) tub consisting of 25 serves will set you back $59.95 with the 4LB (1.81kg) tub consisting of 50 serves setting you back $99.95. The pricing is at the end of Protein Powders but the fact it is gourmet and also versatile (can have anytime of the day) more than makes up for it. 

* Comes with a free $49.95 Mutant Gym Bag at


Coming in at the upper end of pricing Pro 100 needs to deliver. We are very impressed with this product and it goes along way to being one of the best tasting protein I have used. Personally, it is probably not my preference for Post Workout just down to the thickness but where Pro 100 shines is in its ability to be used throughout the day and the ability for the product to fill you up. Overall if you are in the market for a Protein Powder to use throughout the day or in a smoothie then Pro 100 is definately one to put on your list for consideration.

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  • Greg - January 20, 2016

    Very insightful and informative! Really enjoy your reviews, keep them coming

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