EVP Review

EVP Review

Evogen Nutrition's Stim Free Pre Workout EVP is a real gem of a product.

Short for Evopoietin One Alpha, We are here to review this amazing product for our valued followers.


EVP is a non stim pre workout. Non Stim means it doesn't contain any caffeine or "buzz". The end result is a flood of enriching, blood-engorging nutrients into the muscle cell, causing an incredible increase in blood volume with a corresponding “swelling” of muscle tissues. This means a massive pump. EVP contains Leucine and Glutamine to help prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown) whilst you workout. ATP is the energy system the body first derives energy from, so a spectrum of ATP in EVP helps with power and endurance as well as the ever present Vitamin spectrum to buffer the effects. 

In saying all that what EVP does is give you one hell of a workout. The mental focus, the intense pumps and the power you feel on this product is to date, unrivaled. 


EVP comes in two flavours - Strawberry Kiwi and Grape. We trialled the Grape version and the taste is pleasant - not to strong, but not weak enough to get the acidy taste of some products on the market. The scoop size is relatively large in comparison to other products (e.g. - C4 or Mr. Hyde) but this product is a packed with a load of ingredients so the scoop is justified.


EVP is going to appeal to everyone - period. The vascularity and mental focus alone make this product worth the money. For the leaner people, the road map will be in full swing on EVP so it is an opportunity to get that selfie count up. The best part we found about EVP is that even the average person, (15-20% Body Fat) is going to benefit from EVP, as the focus is amazing and that's what is important about working out and bettering yourself- focusing on the reason your there.


EVP is at a fair price point. $79.95 for 40 serves is well priced for even the average pre workout, something EVP can not be classed as. Under $2 a serve for a product that gives you the alpha feeling is money well spent and like all people - If it is worth it then you pay the price. The fact you don't ever have to double scoop this product for the full effect means it is better value for money than most 30-45 serve pre workout you double scoop anyway. 


If you take your training seriously and are dead set keen on getting the optimal results then Evogen as a whole is a brand you need to go with. EVP is a top shelf pre workout - it takes the 'non stim' pre workout section to a whole new level. Pre Workouts - you have been called out.

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