What are the benefits of BCAA Supplements?

Branch Chain Amino Acids AKA BCAA are commonly those bright colors you see in the shakers of gym goers world wide. Apart from tasting great and looking cool what purpose do they serve in you achieving your goals.


BCAA's are made up of three Amino Acids- Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine. There is various ratios on the market from 2:1:1, 4:1:1 and a shish as 10:1:1 but the only backed ratio for muscle anabolism is 2:1:1. BCAA are made up of the three most anabolic amino acids found in protein with leucine being the most anabolic overall, hence the higher dosage per serve. BCAA are often left out of the amateur gym goers supplement regime but anyone looking for serious results should consider the benefits of BCAA supplementation.


BCAA are brilliant for muscle recovery, that is obvious. What else do BCAA achieve for you in your goals?

- BCAA keep the body in anabolic mode and prevents catabolism. This is obtained through consistant fueling of the muscle with the super anabolic trio ingredients found in BCAA supplements.

- BCAA are high in electrolyte and rehydration ingredients that help fight lactic acid and fatigue.

- BCAA essentially help with the growth of lean muscle mass and reduce the recovery time needed and soreness felt by the user.


When do I not need BCAA supplements?

The average male trying to gain muscle needs 1.5g protein per kg of body mass daily with as much as 2-3g of protein required by some individuals. For women the average is 1.5g per kg of bodyweight but never exceeds 2g. That means the average 100kg male who trains 6 days a week needs to consume between 200-300g of protein daily. Lets break that down with food and Protein supplements

200g protein = 800g cooked chicken breasts

300g protein= 1.2kg chicken breasts


As you can see to consume that amount of food is quite the challenge. If you are actively eating 40-50g protein in you 5-6 meals daily then the need for BCAA definitely reduces. BCAA can still be effective for energy, hydration and electrolyte replenishment intra workout. 


BCAA and Fat Loss- Myth or Truth?
Undoubtedly there no myth to the fact BCAA assist in fat loss- but how? 
BCAA keep the body in "anabolic" mode rather than "catabolic", so what stye difference? When the body is anabolic it is rebuilding muscle and making gains where catabolic is when the body is breaking down the muscle for fuel- something we all need to avoid. (We will cover that next time).

So the body remains in anabolic mode rebuilding muscle whilst using BCAA throughout the day which takes more energy expenditure thus the metabolic rate rises and BOOM- fat loss engaged. Always remember that the more muscle mass you have the more you need to feed it to keep anabolic so always have a professional nutrition or dietary specialist (like Supps Is Life) evaluate your current situation.

So in a nutshell BCAA have their place in any diet and supplementation plan. In a world where the economy is tight things always are prioritized so I'm going to include a link for a BCAA product that is less than $1 a serve- http://suppsislife.com/products/amino-drive?variant=11732807686

Smash down one scoop of BCAA after a hard night on the alcohol to offset hangovers- the BCAA rehydration and electrolyte foundations help refuel the body as you sleep!


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