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5 Foods Low in Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates. Carbs. The Enemy (sic). Carbs are often harshly criticised and in this bloggers opinion wrongfully so. I present to you kept specialists my top 5 low carbohydrate foods in the world!


Carb count: 2 grams per cup

From white to cremini to more exotic shiitake, these edible fungi are low in carbs but rich in great umami flavor. Large and meaty portobello mushroom caps can stealthily be used as an alternative to hamburger buns, or as a replacement for gut-busting pizza crust by laying on all your favorite pizza toppings.

Nutrition Bonus: Mushrooms of all types have been praised for their high amounts of immunity-boosting compounds.



Carb count: 11 grams per cup

Among berries, strawberries supply the least sugar, making them a great option to satisfy a sweet tooth. If you're concerned about possible pesticide exposure, opt for strawberries labelled "organic."

Nutrition Bonus: Strawberries are a stellar source of vitamin C, which may help regular gym-goers avoid coming down with the sniffles.

Roast Beef

Carb count: 0 grams per 2 ounces

For the most part, deli-style roast beef is spared the sugars that can be added to turkey and other lunchmeats. Surprisingly, it's also one of the leaner options at the deli counter.

For a low-carb lunch option, try wrapping a few slices of roast beef and roasted red pepper, a smear of Dijon mustard, and some cheese or avocado in large Swiss chard or collard leaves.

Nutrition Bonus: The highly absorbable form of iron in beef can help jazz up your muscles during those suffer-fests in the squat rack.

Cottage Cheese

Carb count: 6 grams per cup

There's good reason why this curd product is still a favorite among bodybuilders: It's jam-packed with protein (28 grams per cup) with negligible amounts of carbohydrates. Sodium levels can vary greatly, so compare brands carefully.

Nutrition Bonus: The great white is rich in the slow-digesting protein casein, making it a good snack option in the evening to prolong muscle-making while you snooze away.


Carb count: 3 grams per ounce

When it comes to snack foods, it's always a challenge to find items that deliver respectable amounts of protein without an overload of the refined carbohydrates that can blow up your physique. Well, jerky is a great way to do just that. Still, be careful to select options where the chewy meat such as beef or turkey is not bathed in sweeteners.

Nutrition Bonus: Most meat-based jerky helps you meet your daily needs for zinc, a must-have mineral to keep your immune system humming and muscle-building testosterone levels up.



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