Work/Family/You life balance

Work/Family/You life balance

Young Family. Work long hours. It's too hard, hot, cold or late. Excuses are everywhere. Everyone is capable of pulling off a blinder excuse. 

I have a young family. I have a workday that consists of more hours of work than there is in a day. For 15 months it didn't work for me. The nutrition, the training, the outings, the sport it all took a backward step as I came to grips with a massive change in life.

Pre married, business and baby life I had a typically cruise by 8-4 job. I would get up and either go for a 45 minute walk or alternately walk to work. I would do my my workday with the flexibility to arrange my food for the day and sit down and eat. My training partner/s and I would rock up at the gym at 4:10 and be home before 6- dinner a perfect opportunity for post workout meal. 6 weeks out of my wedding and I was in the shape of my life and dare I say it, cruising.

We decided to start our business in April 2014 and from there we haven't looked back. I was finding time to train early days, it wasn't difficult- my work days were pretty time standard considering our business was such a baby still. In August 2015 my journey, which has now become a battle, began. We had just moved shops to our new lucrative location and my son Campbell was born. I knew early days training wasn't an option and I was prepared for this. Reality states since the day another, and most important, commitment entered my life training has never been a regular occurrence. Our business grew massively in this period and my work days had also became exhausted. I wasn't sleeping, I was eating on the go and I wasn't coping. A year on and I was back to regular training and eating better. I felt in a good head space to get back into shape!


So at this point we just had a 1 year old son, my work schedule was hectic. We had just opened two new locations in Adelaide and Port Augusta and I found more time and ambition to better myself.. Ironic right? The next 8 months defined me as a person. In the space of 3 months we had lost my mother in law 5 weeks after finding out she was sick, our second son was miscarried, my wife lost her grandpa, my last grandma and my wife's grandma are both very ill and we lost another baby. Safe to say at such trying times my focus was solely on my family and support; not with business, training, nutrition anything and all those things were affected without the focus.


So to look at now, I may not be your typical face of fitness, bodybuilding or health. That is me- I have to live with that. It's up to me to change that and I feel the time is right where I can find myself again in a frame of mind to achieve the goals I set out. Is my workload still massive? yes. Is my son still as demanding as ever? yes. Do I honestly have time to make for myself daily to achieve a better life? yes. Why? Because I have to... I found gaps in my time.. 35 mins here watching a show on TV.. I could go for a walk. 1 hour in the mornings or at night where my wife could watch Campbell.. time there to go to the gym.


So in the modern day, 24 hour busy work life can you find time to still be you? You can, you just have to be flexible with your schedule. Take it from someone who has had life go from pretty easy and cruisey to the most difficult it has every been... its worthwhile getting a grip on what keeps you healthy in body and in mind. Find time to live, Find time to love and Find time to be you.. It makes life much more enjoyable!

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  • Jade Joyce - May 12, 2017

    So glad I took the time to read this, I must of know I had to! The past month I have been sick and not motivated. Which then everything goes to shit. We too have lots going on but it is hard to get on top of everything and do it for you!!! People will always judge and there is a story behind all of us! You and your family are such an inspiration!! Xo

  • Lisa - May 11, 2017

    So proud of you.. you have always been one of the most driven, strong and determined people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing …. Good luck xx

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